Witch Hunt Demo

Witch Hunt – Demo

Witch Hunt - Title Screen

Witch Hunt – Title Screen

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Game Description

Witch Hunt is a classic 2D RPG in similar fashion of old SNES games like Secret of Mana, Lufia or Terranigma. The game’s main features are exploration of the game world, solving puzzles, fighting enemies in turn based combat and the progression of a main story which leads the player through all stages of the game.

The current state of the game is a playable demonstration. The demo ends after the first dungeon. The final version will contain at least three major dungeons. The demo’s estimated playtime is about 3 to 5 hours.

The Plot

You are Hugo, a man in his twenties who lives in a village called Greenhill. Hugo leads a peaceful life as a local farmer. However, worrisome incidents started to occur a few days ago. Supplies and even pets of the villagers went missing. No one takes the incidents seriously until the day Hugo is summoned to the mayor of Greenhill, who broke disturbing news to him. Five villagers vanished without a trace. And Hugo is given the task to investigate their disappearance.



Update 2019-05-15: The game is now available at the official Witch Hunt website.