What’s the goal of this website?

This website’s purpose is to provide insight on various topics of my interest. To be more specific: most of the content will currently revolve around RPG Maker. I’m working on an RPG Maker MV project and I will publish insights to my development progress on this page. Futhermore I will document obstacles I had to overcome to solve certain problems, so that others may have an easier time.

Content you can expect:

  • RPG Maker game development progress updates
  • RPG Maker related Guides/Tutorials

Future plans

Currently I’m very passionate about RPG Maker and developing my project. Therefore creating RPG Maker content and general video game related content is definitely my short-term to mid-term plan. I also want to dive deeper into the RPG Maker engine and see what I can do with scripting and develop own plugins. With regard to the long-term plans I intentionally chose a more generic name for this website. Eventually I might extend the categories of the topics on this website.

Who am I?

My name is Chris and I’m a computer science student. I was born in germany and that’s where I still live. I discovered RPG Maker MV during the Steam summer sale in 2016. I bought it and had a lot of fun working with it. I have several years of IT/programming experience which might have helped me to better get started with RM.

Stay in touch

If you like what I do then follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay in touch. I’ll post all updates on both of these sites.